Paddling in the Round the Rock challenge, Seattle.

I am Erik Hedin…

I was born in San Rafael, California. While I was growing up in Marin County I spent most of my days either on a mountain bike or on the San Francisco bay in a sailboat.

Being outside every day was the best!

Hedin Vineyard

Hedin Vineyard

My grandfather Roger Hedin had a vineyard that we would visit and help out on in Healdsburg, California. I remember shooting bb guns and driving a lot of heavy machinery at a young age. My cousins and I had a great time there as kids.

Hedin Vineyard, Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA

Hedin Vineyard, Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA

Web Development

I have been designing and building websites for over fifteen years. I work in PHP, Javascript, CSS, Drupal, WordPress, NodeJS, MongoDB and good old html. I have 15 websites that I manage and keep running with my team at Concur.

I picked up web development while I was working in Maui as a photographer. At the time there was no fast and easy way to get my photos on the web. After a lot of trial and error I built a photo content management system to resize and catalog my photos using PHP, MySql running on a shared host. Other photographers hired me to build out similar sites to help them speed up their workflow. After leaving Maui I built a couple of commercial real estate sites to manage tenant rent rolls and occupancy. I could not get enough of it and would stay up late at night learning new languages and tricks.

I still love building stuff on the web and spend many late nights working on projects for myself and my family.

Having Fun

My hobbies are taking things apart, mountain biking, running, crossfit, sailing, stand up paddling, taking photos and being with my family.

Chris’s Birthday at Crossfit Fuse in Redmond, WA

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