Linux Command Line, Puppet, Subversion, ANT, BASH scripting, NodeJS, MongoDB, MYSQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Concur Technologies, Inc. 2015-Present

Senior Manager Web Development

At Concur I manage the web development for the marketing organization. Our team is in charge of Concur’s 14 global corporate marketing websites. We manage the full web stack from server provisioning/configuration, application code up to our Akamai delivery network. The team is based in Bellevue Washington but interacts with partners and stakeholders all around the globe.

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  • Managing Bellevue based team with 8 employees.
  • Working with regional teams to build and manage Concur’s 14 global websites running Drupal 7 and NodeJS.
  • Site optimization and A/B testing with Adobe Target and our vendor from E/Y.
  • Agile development methodology using KanBon and Jira for our ticketing system.
  • Responsible for our hosting architecture and server management. Our Linux web technology stack uses Jenkins, Puppet, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Memcached, Elastic Search, Varnish, MongoDB, NodeJS and MySql all running on Centos and Red Hat Linux.
  • Servers are hosted in Concur’s private cloud and on AWS (including AWS China).
  • Built code deployment pipeline using Slack, NodeJS, GIT and Jenkins.
  • Responsible for our sites Akamai configurations and architecture.
  • Managing Concur’s portfolio of domain names.
  • Designed and built custom web dashboards using Adobe’s and Google’s developer API’s to retrieve data and store it in a local MongoDB database. The dashboards use HighCharts.js and are displayed on screens in our Bellevue office.
  • Our lead generation data flows through our local queuing system then in to Marketo and Salesforce.

Concur Technologies, Inc. 2013-2015

Web Development Manager

  • Managing fast paced team using Agile development methodology.
  • 6 Web Developers.
  • 2 Q/A specialists.
  • Providing scope and time estimates for all development projects.
  • Reporting on development pipeline and historical throughput using ThoughtWorks Mingle macros.
  • Managing linux web technology stack (Jenkins, Puppet, Nginx PHP-FPM, Memcached) running on Centos and Red Hat Linux.

Concur Technologies, Inc. 2012-2013

Lead Web Developer

  • Lead developer on development team of 6 in Concur’s marketing department.
  • In charge of all code delivery and release automation for all global marketing sites.
  • Designed & Built and site architecture using Puppet, Jenkins running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Provide leadership on how all projects will be built and help code on bigger projects.
  • Support Q/A with their Selenium code for automated testing.

Concur Technologies, Inc. 2010-2012

Senior Web Developer

  • Created Selenium test suite and tests for mission critical site functionality.
  • Mentored and taught other developers on our team to help grow their skills and take on more challenging projects.
  • Increased site performance and reliability by implementing new caching code and memcached.
  • Coded custom php classes and modules for submitting quotes, viewing videos, and handling 18 different localized versions of the site.
  • Wrote responsive css and custom JavaScript for serving mobilized content to iOS, Android and BlackBerry.
  • Improved user experience with Omniture’s Test and Target suite to a/b test homepages and landing pages.
  • Created staging and Q/A environment builds using custom ant scripts and linux servers.

Concur Technologies, Inc. 2007-2010

Web Designer/Developer

  • Switched the older static page architecture of in to a database driven Drupal content management system.
  • Coded new theme for product UI to match the marketing site’s aesthetic.
  • Designed and built a new ajax front end for Concur Client Central.  The new UI allows clients faster access to their
  • Changed all JavaScript on and Concur Client Central from the prototype.js library to the jQuery and jQuery UI libraries.

Red Earth Media, 2003-2007

Web Designer, Web Developer, Owner

  • Designed and built websites for small business clients in Maui, Texas and California.
  • Built custom content management systems for clients using PHP and MYSQL.
  • Photographed products and built e-commerce sites.