Uses, Hardware and Software Setup

September 20, 2020

This page is dedicated to the tools that I use in web development. Wes Bos setup a awesome site at that lists out other web developers pages.

Desk Setup


Like most people I spend most of my days at my desk. My desk setup is:

  • Autonomous Standing Desk (scored from an office shutdown)
  • Two LG 27inch Ultrafine 4k monitors.
  • Custom built pc with an Intel 9900K, 32GB of ram, AMD RX 580 graphics card and 3 nvme drives.
  • Mackie CR4BT speakers with a Yamaha 8 inch sub
  • Focusrite Scarlet usb-c audio interface
  • Cheap cordless mechanical keyboard
  • Logitech G603 cordless gaming mouse

My desktop is setup to triple boot Linux, Windows 10 and OS X. I love to switch up my OS when things get a little stale. Windows has come a long way in the development world with WSL 2 and Docker. Linux is my primary daily driver. I really like Arch but it falls short with all the video conferencing apps that I have to use for work. Lately Pop OS has been a great daily distro. Everything seems to work perfectly out of the box.

Writing code

My laptop is a work supplied 16 inch Macbook Pro. The keyboard is finally better and overall it is a solid machine. It reminds me of the original 15 inch retina since it is a little thicker than butterfly keyboard 15 inchers. The battery life is still pretty weak. When you are actually doing development work it really only lasts and hour or two. Most of the time I use my desktop pc as a development server by mounting my projects over SMB and running commands over ssh. That approach can make the battery last almost a full afternoon of patio coding.

Desk Setup


My main development platforms are Javascript, Java (Adobe AEM) and PHP. Here are the tools that I use:

  • Microsoft VS Code
  • vim
  • ZSH (oh my zsh)
  • Docker
  • DDEV for Drupal and Wordpress
  • Chrome but slowly switching to Firefox
  • git cli

VS Code has been a great editor. It can handle working on a SMB mounted folder without a problem and is available on all operating systems. I have not needed to reach for an IDE thankfully for a long time now. I also love using vim.

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